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A family thing

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Ifirst met my husband Daniele in Milan at a trade fair, where he had won an award with a brilliant and exciting idea together with 3 other friends of his, and he emanated pure energy with a calm and serene smile.
We have been working together for about 5 years and Daniele still emanates that same energy, he is always enthusiastic about new projects, new ideas. He still wants to do better and better, dreams big and keeps a quiet smile in all situations.
Since I have known him he has transformed SPAZIOiF. Daniele has a contemporary vision of our work path, sometimes I am still nostalgic. He is the man of the virtual world: he is an industrial designer, he uses the PC to work on projects, he transforms a drawing into an object and makes it move in a non-real space. I can hardly make a sketch of the new models, as any good craftsman, I have to make each prototype personally to understand if the model works as I want, and I have to touch the material I use, look at the folds and cuts in the way I imagined them.
We are two worlds apartwhen designing, but we converge in ideas and we are very similar at the root.

In our work we have two well-separated roles: I am the designer of SPAZIOiF and I deal with the product from all points of view; he takes care of everything around the product, making it stand out in the best possible way.
Daniele manages our site, collaborates with the agency that deals with marketing and communication for us, he manages the relationship with customers, coordinates the photographer and does thousands of other things, billions of other things.
We never overlap in work, we always discuss what we are doing, but we are not interchangeable at all, everyone has their own space and defends it without arguing ever.

Arguing is not like us:it upsets both of us too much. Pacifists as we are, we resolve everything by examining the issues with too many words on my side and never ending silence on his. This is our way of arguing and then making fun of ourselves, that is, Daniele making fun of myself and my endless speeches.
Very often we happen to think the same things, the usual phrase is: – I’ve had an idea! – and too many times we come to the same conclusion without having talked about it.
Daniele is my partner, my husband, colleague in some way, the friend I laugh with the most, he is the father of my two children.
Every day we get up together, work together and go home together, and as soon as we can, we run away together, we want to dream, to live peacefully on our own way.
SPAZIOiF has grown with our history and is part of a piece of our heart.
Working together does not tire us out; it is added value that is difficult to find. We did not go looking for it, it just happened, but it is a wonderful, lucky jigsaw piece that makes our work even more special. And we like to think that people realize that there is a family inside SPAZIOiF and it’s not just a common saying.


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