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Bite the cheerfulness!

By October 28, 2022No Comments
Buonumore da prendere a morsi con la nuova collezione Curvi, SPAZIOiF

Soft and comfortable, playful, ironic and very practical are the qualities I was considering when I created Curvi.

I thought of a set of sensations that I wish to convey through the Curvi collection. The softness of the nappa leather is combined with a new soft texture of the handle, pleasant to hold in your hands, as soft as a hug on the shoulder and at the same time playful.

First, I created the soft handles, which make you want to handle them, to bite them, such that if you are nervous, you can rub them endlessly as if it were an anti-stress tool!

Curvi is the name of the handle. I then chose to give continuity to the handle by turning it into an evident and intrusive backstitch.

The stitching is the hallmark of men’s tailored suits, it is a process and a gesture that gives value and emphasizes the high craftsmanship that has been done on the garment.

My work with leather always draws inspiration from the clothing world, as in the idea of bags that you can wear. In this case, I have taken a typically masculine tailoring element to the extreme and I have turned it into a functional element that enhances its shape by going from one side of the bag to the other, and, at the same time, it becomes an evident and ironic aesthetic trait with its proportion and its contrasting colors.

Consider the shapes… I pondered on women’s vices, their good and bad habits. The gestures we instinctively make, sometimes without realizing them.

Bad habits take shape in Curvi by giving a meaning to what you spontaneously do with your bag.

Thinking about the gestures we make every day and making them more practical, more immediate has always been my inspiration. Playing on bad habits is a way to stimulate new ways of wearing such a practical and everyday object as a bag.

Consider the color contrast…  it is a fundamental part of the collection, because these are bags that make you feel good for their shape, texture and color.

I chose contrasting colors, full of energy.

Curvi is a bag designed to give you charge, it does not blend in with clothing.

You can choose your own color combination: we have created some, but Curvi gives space to your own perception of color, to your own colors.

Consider functionality… pockets are also an important element of the line, because they are our best friends: the bags have an opening from the outside, but it is hidden.

Now, I will not reveal all the secrets of the Curvi line, because you will discover them yourself.

Curvi was inspired by my children, their soft hugs, their plump arms, their way of coloring the world with their nonsense fantastic laughter. This way I have tried to bring their world into my work. Curvi bags are inspired by senseless good humor even on the darkest days.


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