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Colors and its accords

By May 6, 2022No Comments

SFRIDO small horizontal fabric

My favorite colors have always been black and white, as if every day I graphically wrote who I am on a white page with black ink.

White is bright and simple, it lights up my face; black is graphic, serious, sometimes too serious, decisive and linear. There are some things that must be black! Black enhances your shape: it doesn’t claim to captivate the attention with the use of nice shades of color. Black is or is not. After all, for me when a specimen is successful, when the shape, the design, the idea says it all, it is black the pure color that enhances it.

SFRIDO thong sandal

Tribal SFRIDO sandal

I must admit that, as my sister Giorgia puts it, the years pass and the colors, or “colorini” as she calls them, remain … in these last two intertwined years my beloved black has given way to a thousand shades of color that I felt I needed.

Yellow and orange, energetic and joyful, helped me find the charge.

Burgundy, that I love so much, has ignited my passion and inflamed my cheeks.

Green is life, I wear it only over inexorably long trousers or skirts, in more military shades. I don’t dare using bright green, because it is a color that contrasts with my person, but I like to see it worn by others.

Then, red is the traditional Chinese red for me, there are no other shades. I can only wear accessories, because it is a color that I love and fear, it is impetuous.

I love all the variations of colors. I prefer unusual tones, but in summer more than ever I wear natural colors, shades of tan, olive, mixed with bronze, mustard, they are my personal world, they give me serenity and they match the scorching sun of my land. I practically blend in with the sandy and rocky landscapes of Sicily.

I also like subtle pinks, like peach, purple, or lavender. I look for the tones of color that accord with my soul of the moment, and change as I change.

Color is instinctively a part of me, I communicate something through the different shades. Each of us has some colors that match them. We are not always able to identify them on our own, because the interior color is sometimes scary, it is not obvious. We look in the mirror without really seeing ourselves.

We take for granted some clichés about colors, their meaning, their combination, we get carried away by fashions, or we simply don’t want to seek harmony.

But the color is really powerful on us, whether you are aware of it or not. When you grab a shirt just before rushing onto the street, the color reflects or catches light and we are a mere means that carries around shades of life that sometimes belong to us but sometimes they are errors and passing phases.

SFRIDO small horizontal fabric

SFRIDO horizontal fabric bag

SFRIDO vertical fabric bag

While I will try to blend in with my land in the coming months, with small points of bright colors to break the routine, I leave you with a little advice: looking in the mirror is not an act of vanity, but a dialogue with yourself. Finding your own colors is a way to agree with the world. Explore color, use color, today you could be a new unexpected shade!


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