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Cromosoma Y

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Men and women are different for many things. Genetics and culture have contributed to giving each person a connotation of sex and gender. Today it is a hot topic, because society has realized that it has to give a different name to those who no longer identify themselves with the terms “male” or “female”.

Women and men: different in genetics, similar in life

We still follow century-old habits linked to the different roles of men and women, yet, at the same time, we are fighting important battles in order to make women’s rights finally equal to men’s. Rights that have not always been really recognized, if not on paper. Conversely, men’s rights to parenthood, experienced for decades only as a female option, still seem to have very little protection. Not to mention the clichés about homosexual people and, in general, about people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community, the struggles to certify one’s existence, one’s uniqueness and one’s rights, without wanting to become stage phenomena. Yet, without going deeper into the roots of the issue that the Italian culture has always cultivated, while recognizing the enormous steps taken forward, women and men are different in genetics, but similar in life.

Cromosoma Y to go beyond labels

Cromosoma Y is the exact genetic difference between man and woman. Men have the Y chromosome, women don’t.

This genetic variant has a meaning to start from; yet, it is our personal experience that makes us who we are without giving us real labels. Each individual is always a different person, it is a wonderfully unique identity with no rules on whom to be: men or women, gender with an *.

The Cromosoma Y Collection

With this collection I wanted to respond to my male customers’ needs that are shared by many women.

I have focused my attention on the technical pockets that will allow you to carry documents, tablets, and PC in a comfortable and practical way. I used the Y theme in the cuts of the various models to consecrate the first collection designed for men, but undoubtedly “genderless”, as people say these days.

I created some models that were missing in our collections, which respond to your specific requests.

Cromosoma Y is the first line inspired by men, but perfect for everyone.

May everyone freely choose what they like without restrictive labels, always free from any clichés!


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