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Far away, so close!

By July 21, 2021No Comments

It’s summer, we are ready to break free. We packed without knowing the destination as soon as they said “You are allowed to travel!!”
When we browsed through all the possible destinations, imagining all the different countries, cities, languages to discover, we realized that we still wanted to stay close to home, perhaps returning to the same places we always enjoyed.
The pandemic poisoned us with fears, some of which we know quite well; others deeply rooted inside have created new needs, new attitudes and feelings we would have never imagined to feel before.
We are not ready to travel as we did before, we may need some more time all to ourselves to focus on simple things, like dinners with long lost friends, beloved places, what makes us enjoy the beauty of things without too many difficulties.

Travelling, meant as a way to explore the world, to feed and arouse our curiosity, is simply postponed, because we only need some peace of mind today.
Places where the heart beats at the rhythm of life.
We live in a historical and cultural land. It’s not difficult to turn around and get away from daily life a few kilometres away.
All over Italy you can easily choose destinations so different from each other that it is not difficult to satisfy your travel desire.

We fled to our favorite place,the island of Vulcano.
For the past 20 years we have visited Vulcano in June, when the island is still waking up to prepare for the season.
The days are very long, the sunsets on the black sandy beach show wonderful colors, and the temperature is pleasant. You can only hear the sound of the sea, walking among pebbles and lava rocks. We walk or ride our bikes, the car is strictly forbidden for us.

In this place I lose my gaze towards the horizon, I recharge myself and feel free and light, my mind clears up and I return recharged and ready to start over.

Somehow today, we are walking on known paths. Yet, this time we are different and despite being secluded at home for a long time, we are still on an important journey to discover ourselves, what we really love, what we missed, without going too far, without the Green Pass.


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