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From Sasso to…

By April 22, 2024No Comments

“Sasso”, that’s the name we have given to the cutout generated from our Tartaruga backpacks.

It is an irregular oval, similar to a cobblestone you can find on a beach.

It represents a path made of steps to reintegrate the waste from our work more and more, thus giving it a new identity.

We have been producing the Tartaruga backpack since 2013 and it is our best-selling backpack. Every time we cut a Tartaruga backpack, we save the waste it generates. Over the years we have filled thousands of boxes neatly categorized by color… mostly black.

In our work, waste is always a point of reflection. We cut the bags by hand and each piece that the customer’s order is specially made. This allows us to personalize our work, to perfection it and also to reflect on everything that remains superfluous at the end of the bag creation. Each waste is preserved and cataloged by shape and color, waiting for it to find a new place in our production.

We like to think that we can ennoble every discarded shape by devoting a functional project to it, which enhances its shape and which can be a different way of making the bag.

We could choose simpler ways to use scraps, but we like to create something a little unusual.

All these scraps have been waiting for us to dedicate a project for them.

We create a texture using the Sasso and alternating it with a triangular shape so that the Sasso shapes are joined to each other.

This is only the first project for Sasso, a line designed for those who, let me say, love the polka dot effect!


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