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I am an artisan, a designer, an entrepreneur and a mother

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I’ ve often been told “You’ll see how difficult it’ll be when you have children…” a threatening warning that gets into your head one way or another.
I’ve always had to move frequently for my job, and hopefully I will continue to do so in the next future: Paris or Milan for fashion weeks, then a flight to London or Berlin once in a while to see how things are going. Plus, there are other trade fairs for material and supplier research; a trip to Rome to dedicate time to my Roman customers and lastly back home to my Palermo.
Every time someone would tell me “You’ll see how difficult it’ll be when you have children…” I’d think, “sure I will see, but I will not really be able to change everything”, because this is my job and this is what I have chosen to do as best I can.
Thus, during my first pregnancy I carried out all the work that I could do before, as if after that there would be an Armageddon.
I designed two of the best-selling collections. In the middle of my pregnancy was Pagoda: today I would say that my body and its ability to change and then return to its original shape is represented in this bag, which was not a conscious choice.

The second one is Segmenta, geometric and rational: I have segmented the shapes perhaps to find rationality in a choice that often frightens women who, like me, are in the business industry, who have built a path and are afraid of losing many things, their work, their independence, their identity.
I would tell my gyn “Yet, I’ve got to work!”
So I traveled to present the new line until the seventh month, thoughtless at times, following my instincts as I always do and nothing has stopped. When Chiara was born, everything was ready to give me the space for our new creature without causing any damage to my work and letting her grow with serenity.
You’ll see… it always echoed in my head and I saw with my own eyes how the important things that are part of me and my world, my work, my passions, my spaces and my leisure, have not changed much. My life got richer and I just found a different order to the important things.
I did not become the perfect mother, it was still me with my imperfections, but our work, despite my fears, has grown a lot.
I am no longer afraid of changes because as a woman, artisan, designer, entrepreneur and mother I know that it is not difficult to do everything, but the fear of not being able to succeed is what stops every good project.

If you have glimpsed a growing belly in the latest videos of the Sfrido line, you are not mistaken.
This time the phrase I’ve heard is “You’ll see with the second child…”. It always sounds a bit threatening, but I’ve learned from my first daughter that everything will fit in perfectly.
So when I still didn’t know I was pregnant I started to design the new Sfrido collection. Those days I was a volcano of intentions and energies, I remember that I felt such a strength that I could’ve been able to design 4 different collections at the same time, because I had so many ideas that I wanted to accomplish. So, I put my ideas in order and two different collections were created: Sfrido and Sottopelle, both really passionate, full of research, but also of instinct.
Thus, I’ve realized that when I’m pregnant maybe the hormones drive me crazy and I design the collections I love the most, the ones that bring my creativity to life and perfectly identify the stylistic path of SPAZIOiF. If you want, it is my first child, now a teenager and therefore needs attention, and today it has two brothers, Chiara, who is now called big sister at only 2 years of age and baby Paolo, the new member of the SPAZIOiF staff who still can’t even distinguish the contours of objects, but he knows that the smell of the leather is a bit like home.


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