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The Story of an Experience

By July 19, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

2 months at SPAZIOiF temporary shop has been a truly beautiful experience. For a couple of years we had dreamt to open a temporary shop in some Italian cities where we could finally meet our customers.

We are not good at planning and to be honest some events that have recently crossed our life have not made it possible to fulfill some projects.

SPAZIOiF temporary shop was an instinctive choice.

I fell in love with a perfect place for us and an idea: a shop that was also a container of ideas, a meeting place between art and design.

Everything has been very fast: a phone call gone badly, a visit to see the space gone well, and in the end 7 days to open without too many frills.

During these two months we have created a place where design and art could talk. We have chosen to place the shop on the ground floor and use the first floor as a temporary gallery. Art and design speak a similar language using very different means and have always been a starting point for dialogue and reflection. We hosted 3 contemporary artists and enjoyed creating events that could become a moment of gathering, accompanied by talking, wine and good music.

We animated a corner of the city which had been recovered since 2020 but had not been very well known, yet very central and with some special charm.

The best thing has been meeting many new faces who knew us and turning our virtual world into a real one.

It’s been all very nice, above our expectations.

I really enjoyed the exchanges with our customers from this experience, seeing how a bag is used, touched and perceived by another is an added value that every creative person should experience.

Being able to observe another point of view different from mine, with always different needs and life dynamics is a fantastic creative exercise that has immersed me in an avalanche of new inputs that people have unwittingly given me.

I come back from this experience full of ideas and stimuli, thanks to you all.

And every face that has crossed the threshold of the shop with the desire to share that moment is imprinted in my mind, together with its needs, requests, its different ways of living.

It’s been you all who made this experience beautiful, of course, we only created the conditions for this to happen. The people we meet in our little SPAZIOiF world are wonderful, curious, enthusiastic and are the real engine of our work.

Thanks for these two months, for your chit-chatting and your smiles.

Two months have flown by; we have already thought of a thousand other things to share special moments that we have in mind because we can’t wait to meet you again!

Waiting for the next opening, we are working to fulfill every single wish you have expressed.

Thank you for your faces and your exchanges, you are a wonderful human world that we’ve loved to meet!

See you soon!


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