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It’s all about identity

By January 10, 2021No Comments

When I started this job I wanted to tell something about me through my bags. People in the fashion industry don’t necessarily want to create the bestseller bag, rather they want to create the most recognisable, the one that when you see it you know it’s a SPAZIOiF bag. In the past years many have tried to make copies of my bags. There was this Spanish customer who copied a whole series that he had ordered while in Paris and advertised it on his social networks and website. That Einstein of a man didn’t even make a slight change in the models. The most cheeky was a serial copier, a manufacturer from Naples who usually exhibits at the same trade show in Milan. Once I kindly pointed out that he was selling two models which were identical to mine and he replied “Get used to it, I copy them all!”
Then there have been some other little situations, but sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt… who knows… same intuition, same inspiration… There again, a creative person can’t always be obsessed by a copy. Our strength is the ability to design collections which represent the SPAZIOiF philosophy and that can be recognized by other people.

Identity is a key word in my job. In a world where insecure people wish to uniform, my customers want to be recognizable and look for accessories that can express their identities.

If you choose a bag with a logo or other stereotypes, you belong to the crowd, you feel safe and secure that nobody can distinguish you behind that impersonal connotation.

But if you want to tell me something about you, if you want to exist as a person, choose who you are and tell me through what you’re wearing. It’s been the most instinctive and primordial way to communicate since the beginning of the times.

I like to meet the women who wear my bags, they’re all special, extraordinary in a different way, they want to live, without disappearing in the crowd and this has never been an aesthetical choice. This makes them special and I am proud that they wear our bags, because they are our testimonials around the world.


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