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The women in my life

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I was born into a world of women. In the family there are 4 women, three sisters like the March sisters in Little women, the Cat’s Eye sisters or Charlie’s Angels.

We lost our father quite early and so we found ourselves faced with all daily problems without a paternal filter, without a male arm in a house full of clothes !!!

For better or for worse we know how to do everything, sometimes such is our strength that it overwhelms our partners, because (let’s be honest!) we have learned how to be by ourselves.

Each of us is different.

My mother was born in 1948 into a wealthy and respectable family and grew up in the roaring years of the late 1960s. Don’t picture her marching in protest because she wasn’t the type. Rather, she lived during the artistic and cultural revolution years. Her greatest transgression was studying at the Academy of fine Arts, which the respectable ladies certainly didn’t attend.

She would live eccentrically and seductively all her life, she would wear big white glasses, high heels at all hours of the day and she would love to wear beautiful and elegant clothes.

She has faced life with the determination of a lion, despite the many obstacles, with big enthusiasm and desire to live.

My mother loves all my work, but she owns 8 variations of a particular bag, Piegone Grande. At some point it became an obsession. But how can you say no to your mum?

My second mother figure, poor she, is my older sister, Giorgia. She’s the balanced and self-controlled one. Her life continually overloads her with tasks that she just doesn’t want, because to be wise, as she is, she has learned that simple things are the best without asking too many questions, or pondering too much.

She is a beacon in darkness, she naturally finds balance in situations without arguing too much and mixes her wisdom with some distracted or unfortunate choice … more for the sake of making life flow with some pleasant unexpected twist. She doesn’t plan and if she plans she forgets that she has, but if you show up at her house she easily organizes dinner for 30 people by opening a fridge that is only apparently empty.

She is always kind and smiling, lovable by nature. Colleagues and friends love her… you can’t help but love her!

Giorgia really likes “colorini” as she calls the different nuances of pastel colors. She likes combining everything, without exaggerating. Every time she enters my atelier she trots between bags and accessories in a state of total euphoria, creating perfectly nuanced combinations on three/four different products, bags, scarves, earrings… and she wants them all !!!

Shades of green are her favorite tones, but also yellow, brick orange, burgundy… almost any color! Giorgia has many different models of bags and backpacks and uses them all, precisely because she matches them with the colors she wears the most, but the only bag she has asked in black is the Manta waistcoat backpack and despite her love for colors, black Manta accompanies Giorgia for at least 6 months a year, naturally combined with some other “colorino”.


My third element and inseparable travel and work companion is my sister Carla. Carla is the most cosmopolitan homely and traditional woman I know. She transforms herself from a citizen of the world, who speaks 3 languages ​​ fluently, to the perfect housewife, a tireless producer of some special meat sauce at all hours.

You know, a Sicilian woman makes meat sauce for friends, relatives, acquaintances, she makes it to welcome people, to console, to nourish, but above all to show love.

Carla has been my right-hand woman for a long time. Her family and some lifestyle changes have reduced her work, but working together is always a lot of fun, because she does it like she makes the sauce, for the pleasure of making things go well. Also, she has the face of a little girl and knows how to laugh in a special way, she makes fun of herself and you never get bored with her!

The new projects scare her, she eviscerates all the negative aspects, even the unlikely ones (such as catastrophes or pandemics!)… she never shows much enthusiasm, basically I think she does it to calm mine down, but at the right moment she throws herself at work, between a good hearted laugh and a meal with pasta and meat sauce at home.

Carla is always active, from morning to evening she wanders around the city inexorably on foot, doing miles to do a thousand errands, commitments, children, a lawyer, an accountant.

Carla has the first prototype of a Tartaruga backpack, size L, made especially for her. She now only uses backpacks like Tartaruga. She has fallen victim of our work: she might have all the bags she wants and always uses the same!!

Every new model of backpack that I design I imagine what color I can make for Carla, but let’s just say that gray, black and blue are her colors, a few shades of dark brown can also go, but I wouldn’t dare others.

Carla is obsessed with an item I have designed, she loves the Omino earrings and she wants them in all colors, her colors, always the same model, of course!

I have chosen a job dedicated to women thinking first of all of the women in my life, dynamic, very strong, vain but practical, real and contemporary.

In my journey, I have met many and all SPAZIOiF women are special, they stand out among the other people. To get to us they have taken some extraordinary steps and made some uncommon choices. Meeting each of them is enrichment, from them I learn new worlds, their needs and their desires.

Women are complicated and it is complicated to be a woman: this I have learned from my life experiences. And this I have also learned from my courageous girl friends, my uniquely unconventional customers and my incredibly strong little daughter.

We are always a thousand things together, we are workers, housewives, life companions, mothers, daughters, friends, each of us covers at least 10 different roles and we know how to be flexible so as not to forget how nice it is to be all these things together.

Best wishes to all of us, women, may your strength never become a barrier to the world, and may your weaknesses be your real strength.


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