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Leather and memories: the family embrace in my shop in Palermo

By July 24, 2023No Comments
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The love I feel for some ordinary things can be traced back to my childhood memories: colors, objects, smells that surrounded my childhood have become the cornerstones on which I have developed my way of designing, my way of understanding beauty and harmony in everything.

In my parents’ living room there were two coffee-colored leather armchairs that I regularly took care of. I cared a lot about them: I applied a nourishing cream once a month, like a therapeutic massage, it was almost a dance I did around those armchairs which were originally bigger than me.

I think the love for leather started there, the feeling of a material you can take care of for life, the tactile pleasure of that care. The love for beautiful and eternal things.

I dwelt on the folds and the “wrinkles” that the armrests had created with use. The shapeless silhouette was an invitation to sit down and remember all the loved ones who had been sitting there leaving their mark.

Today I have brought them into my shop in Palermo, a piece of my childhood. How many times have I curled up and fallen asleep there!? A piece of my family and my heart… made of leather, of course!

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The love for leather derives from a multiple memory of smell, touch and texture

My parents’ leather armchairs mean many things to me. Memories of sleeping, of games, of evening dinners and parties, of my father’s cigar.

An object that accompanies you over time becomes an immense container of memories and emotions.

These armchairs have taught me what leather is. I have learned to take care of it, so that it will remain eternal, I have learned the sense of warmth that the material gives, its qualities and characteristics over time.

I’m happy I have had them brought upstairs in the shop, in the space that we have dedicated to a “temporary gallery” to host designers and artists.

This is a project my mother would have loved dearly and somehow I have brought her in here as well.

Sinking into these armchairs brings me home a little, it’s like a family hug that I wish everyone could receive in a place that is a little like home.


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