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Making room for change

By January 5, 2022No Comments

Welcome 2022! A new beginning, new resolutions, new projects and new journeys to come.
Desire for novelty is in our instincts. In the natural world, plants and animals regenerate by showing their growth, their mutation, proud and luxuriant. And we do the same, in a more complex way, with a little gray hair and some baggage of life experiences in our heads that make us different every day from what we were before.
The beginning of the year marks a transition from the old to the new. It is just a convention on the calendar, but it helps us to mark the need to renew ourselves, it becomes an excuse to mark a point and start over.
We leave behind the path we have trodden so far and we need to regenerate, mentally, physically but also aesthetically.
All our internal changes are the result of a journey and they all become a new way of reflecting towards the world and of course towards ourselves.
Our mirror becomes the way we look at what of us is conveyed through that reflection and what no longer agrees with our way of feeling. It is not about vanity: the message we give with our image is worth a thousand words and we are the first honest judges of ourselves as always.

Desiring a change is a healthy act, which generates personal growth, puts ourselves into question, doesn’t take for granted that we are always the same, that we are able to adapt to new conditions and new influences that the external world communicates.
Changing, trying the new, resetting and finding ourselves go through many internal and external actions.
In the last two years, we have heard several messages that the world has communicated and some of us have changed their habits.
The desire to change has also altered the way we do our shopping. With more attention to small producers who create objects that have a history, more research towards those who respect the environment, more thoughtful purchases and fewer disposable items. Surrounding ourselves with something that reflects our way of being makes us feel good. We recreate what we are, around us.

Expressing ourselves through what we wear or don’t wear has always been a curiosity to which I pay a lot of attention and I think it is a healthy desire. Yet, when the objects we have at home occupy more space than our wardrobes then it’s time to learn that changing is beautiful and you must do it by creating a healthy and sensible recirculation of objects, which can continue their life in the hands of someone else.
2022 begins with an idea, not original at all, but concrete and already widespread in your habits, or perhaps simply something that you might want to try out.
Finding a new place for the things you don’t use and making room for what you want, making room for the new by giving new meanings to the past.
Is there a SPAZIOiF bag in your closet that you haven’t used for too long?
We have a surprise in store for you.


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