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Sales, our way

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As soon as the sales begin, everyone asks for discounts. It’s normal and it’s part of a system we’ve become accustomed to.

In September we present the new collection, in November it’s time for Black Friday, in December we sell it for Christmas, in January it goes on sale… Something is not quite right, as there is no time to sell the collection at its right price. Only if we raise the price can we amortize this rate of discounts. It’s a system which pushes the sales of industrial over-production of goods at very low cost with a 500% plus, and then amaze us all with an unmissable 50% balance!

Saldi a modo nostro - La produzione
Saldi a modo nostro - Pellami fineserie

Here at SPAZIOiF, sales are a something different. We are not a multinational company, nor are we a factory: we are designers and craftsmen, we produce every single bag for you, not creating redundant stock and designing continuous collections, it is difficult to think of a discount that makes sense.

Our “fashion” is created to last over time, it is far from the concept of fast fashion, which produces, sells, discounts, empties the stock house to change again the following month, when it’s not thrown away.

We like to think that our bags accompany you for a long time and when you get fed up with them, we give you the chance to change them, through the SPAZIOiF-brand used-bag section.

The issue of sales has always been debated, because it is important to create purchase opportunities at a lower price: it also allows those who want to spend less to buy the bag or backpack they want.

Therefore, we have created the Extra-ordinary outlet section, where we insert some products that are made with discontinued leathers. It is the same quality that you usually buy on our online shop, but with colors and finishes that are out of stock. The discount we apply in this case is very high and unrepeatable if not with the same exact conditions, up to 50% and not so to speak!

ExtraOrdinary outlet - Wallet
ExtraOrdinary Outlet - Borsa

We have divided the outlet into 4 price ranges, also dedicated to those who want to buy a gift on a budget. You can choose between

  • €30-50
  • €70-100
  • €130-150
  • €180-200

The most discounted pieces are the €180-200.

Some are unique, unrepeatable pieces, others can be reproduced in very limited series, up to a maximum of 4 pieces.

For us, having sales is also a way to invest in those who will buy our products.

I like to say that you are our SPAZIOiF carriers! In fact, by wearing our bags, backpacks and accessories, you will get noticed by those who recognize their own style in our products, and for this reason you are undoubtedly our best advertisement!


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