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Santa’s Elves exist

By December 16, 2020No Comments

For many, Christmas presents are fun, for others a real torment. Thinking of a gift for those you love is not always easy. We’d like to surprise them, gratify them, we want to tell them how special they are to us, we are afraid of disappointing them, we are afraid of making a mistake and that this error is interpreted as “I did not understand you”.

The first step in making the right gift is listening. There are people who leave trails of desires only to be captured at the right time.

The second step is to learn to look at others and understand who they are, it is not easy, but it is very important to avoid making mistakes that lead to disappointments and misunderstandings.

The third step – the real trick- is the turning point for those who find it, is to have an accomplice. A friend, a sister, but in many cases your trusted shop is enough.

In our atelier in Palermo we welcome our customers and know their tastes sometimes better than those who live next to them. In the intimacy of our work we often hear wishes expressed that no one will collect. Some customers often buy gifts from us, always postponing purchases for themselves and it’s really nice when we manage to get something that has been wanted for a long time, a desire sometimes set aside for others. We, on the side of those who help you choose, have a very important and sometimes decisive role because we become your accomplices giving you the best advice on customers we know, and we are responsible for it!

It is exciting for us to participate in the realization of a desire, to give you the right indication by imagining the amazement of those who receive the desired gift.

Over the years I have enjoyed disguising packages with unlikely bags from other brands that hid a SPAZIOiF bag, I imagined the fun and amazement of those who give and those who receive when the gifts are opened.

I’ve listened to everyone’s stories laughing with you and I’m always proud of the work I do, because I always feel a bit like an elf, a Santa’s helper in some way.

After all, we are Santa’s elves, we create your gifts in our artisan workshops, we help you choose them, sometimes we receive “wish letters” and in some cases we like to give an extra tip that simply warms the heart .

Thanks to all our customers for giving us the opportunity to participate in your emotions every day and every Christmas in a special way.


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