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Sfrido. Unique by nature

By March 31, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments

Fashion and Art have always gone hand in hand. In the way I see it, on each project I pursue strong emotions.
I’m not attracted to trivial objects, obvious choices and paths already taken. I always think that fashion should amaze, enrich your soul, feed your mind, ask questions, create beauty not for its own sake, but with a structural role in society, that can be contagious, just like art is, but with a pleasantly simple touch.
By clothing people, fashion enters everyone’s world.

The collections of bags that I have designed over the years have aimed at this. Most of all, the new Sfrido collectionhas been designed to be a unique work, without compromise. I’m not flying high, don’t be afraid. The best part of my job is to think that everyone can wear beauty, that it is not unattainable.

Sfrido is the product of our times, of such an overwhelming 2020 as to forever change us. Sfrido is the product of a creative impulse full of values and intentions, cultivated during my quarantine, a way to emerge with beauty in contrast with the fear and ugliness that the world is leaving us with, by giving a greater meaning to what seems ephemeral, while it is substantial instead.
Sfrido arises from certain paths that had already started and from the idea of “creation” as a pure and unique act. It is a collection that speaks of sustainability, because 80% of the bag is made of pure recovery of waste material, but its focus shifts to the identity of the waste.

In this new line, I am putting order in what is disorder by definition; it is a long and bizarre work, never casual, by choice.
Each fragment of discarded leather has a shape with an involuntary character and for this reason even more beautiful. It is the result of the “strange” shapes that over the years we have created from all our bags.
This way, the scrap has its own identity which I try to enhance with a work of composition. Sfrido, the scrap in Italian, is no longer a processing waste but the protagonist of a texture, from waste it becomes a fundamental actor of the new processing.

Lines, curves and angles are never repeated and the whole creates a canvas of patchesi of leather and fabric. After the composition that only I personally create, the sewing phase is like an embroidery, which passes
into the hands of the craftsman: each piece is sewn to remain forever imprinted in the canvas and in this last phase the bag is created.
Each canvas that I compose is exciting for me, seeing them all together in their uniqueness gives me a feeling which is hard to explain. The final result will be unique bags that will travel through unique stories.

I have chosen linear shapes to frame the creative work of each piece, but I could not resist the usual versatility of the cut, this time all enclosed in the handles that create a weave and can be worn in multiple ways.
The Sfrido backpack has the characteristics of our backpacks, internal zippers and an eveloping fit, its shape perfectly falling on the shoulders in a harmonious way.
These months, the casual shape, imperfect waste of our world, has been my work of study, the aesthetics found in the beauty of composition has been my philosophy, all this enhanced by linear shapes and versatility solutions to keep it down to earth.

Creating beauty with what clutters our world, giving it an identity without getting it lost in heaps of waste, is my aim.
Sfrido is a collection of bags in a special series,, proudly imperfect by choice, because beauty is enclosed in a harmonious series of imperfections that make us unique.

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