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Sustainability: Ri-Nova, our circular project

By February 14, 2022No Comments
Sostenibilità: Ri-Nova

The creation of the Ri-Nova project has been a natural outcome for our firm’s sustainability. As artisans, we devote a lot of attention to creating a product that can accompany our customers throughout their lives.

We create handcrafted bags with a strong identity that is the total opposite to the fashionable way of using disposable objects. We make them with a special attention to both materials and workmanship, so that the more you use them the more you get used to them and they acquire a special appeal.

We are always there ready to repair our bags at no additional cost whenever you need. When you decide to buy a SPAZIOiF bag, you know that we will take care of you and your bag as long as you want.

Even if we have thought of bags that will accompany you throughout your life, it is fair to imagine that there are times when you want a change, that you need to show a different perspective of yourself to the world. It is an instinct that makes us humans evolve as individuals, it is natural. Thus, your favorite bag may have lost its primacy and you may need a new backpack, or you might want to choose something more roomy that fits your new needs like our large handbags, or you might find yourself in need of an elegant handbag for an occasion when you will wear something special.

Renovating yourself without depositing anything in your closet puts your bag back into circulation: it will have a second life in the hands of another person.

Your used SPAZIOiF bags can continue to live a new story and you will receive a voucher to spend on our website. You can choose from all our products without limiting yourself to bags or backpacks, you may decide to buy a pair of handmade sandals, our fingerless gloves, a fabric scarf or a leather necklace and of course you can buy our second hand bags, too.

In the common second-hand sale channels it is more common to sell second-hand designer bags. Brands of particular handmade bags are more difficult to search for with a simple search parameter and for this reason their value is not always recognized. Anyone looking for a vintage backpack does not imagine that they can fall in love with your old SPAZIOiF backpack. Customers who visit our site know our history and our style and will be happy to buy our second-hand, checked by us; they may change their bag several times and satisfy a whim without breaking the bank.

No one better than us can support your SPAZIOiF bags. With care and attention before reselling them, we will repair any signs of wear and tear and we will guarantee the purchase of our second hand bags.

Ri-nova means renewing, choosing to change in a light, conscious and sustainable way, giving a second life to your SPAZIOiF bags.


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