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Sustainable by nature

By February 19, 2021No Comments

When I first heard about sustainability, I wondered what it really meant. Today, considering all the meanings that this word has, I understand that sustainability is first of all a primary vision of the future which is respectful of man as part of a system, as part of nature, as part of the whole.
It’s nothing alchemical or complicated and basically nothing new.

In order to create a more sustainable community, we should take a few steps back in time, but with uses and daily routines enriched by new knowledge and technologies, yet careful not to waste anything, just as the ancient would suggest.

The world of craftsmanship has always reasoned according to the criteria of sustainability, because it is logical, it is instinctively rational, because it only leads to the benefit of those who work and live in the area: without too much forcing, craftsmanship is sustainable by nature.
The craftsman has always preserved, recovered, reused, repaired, it is their way of working by using time in favor of recovery and not creating waste.

SPAZIOiF has chosen to be a small sustainable business since the very beginnings, not just to use this widespread label requested by many, but because every reasoning on how to work better has naturally led us to be sustainable. We started by choosing our territoryto produce our bags through the small local shops in Palermo. This choice has let us grow, bringing innovation to the traditional concept of bag making.

We have always reintegrated all the production waste of our bags, because we like to give value to the material we use and because as designers we think it is our “mission” to create environmental-friendly products.
We create small collections of bags and accessories designed to accompany our customers over time. Far from the logic of fashion that is sometimes too “disposable”, we like to design modern bags with an aesthetic and conceptual value that survives ephemeral fashion trends.

What’s more sustainable than buying an object that lasts over time, but above all that reflects and identifies you, that you fall in love with to the point of not wanting to part from it?
We produce our bags on customer’s order, we do not create a large production warehouse, this means that there is never any waste and each produced bag already has its own destination.

Also, when it is necessary to fix a bag that shows some damage due to its extensive use, we invite our customers to send us their bags for a little restorative care at the shipping cost, so we refurbish them and they will continue to have a long life on our customers’ shoulders.
Our bags always tell where and who has produced them in the internal and external label, because our customers must know exactly what they buy.
Sustainability is a choice in which we firmly believe. It means supporting the territory, the economy, the environment, a vision of the future that does not separate our actions from a global action focusing on good new intentions.
Because a bag is never simply a bag, yet it represents all the work and choices we make every day, thus becoming a container not only for your personal items, but also for a healthy, logical, virtuous and sustainable way of producing that makes us proud of our work.


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