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The equilibrium between function and shape

By July 1, 2021No Comments

I love the word “design”: it means a lot in my work despite it hides a contradiction.
Design combines both aesthetics and practicality, it puts together creativity and planning, and it coordinates form and function.
The objects we use at home, even the most common ones, are the result of a designer’s work who has studied some specific needs and has found an answer to those needs through an innovative object that we now take for granted.
The beauty of design is triggering innovation through everyday objects. For me the real design object must be extraordinary when it first appears and ordinary in everyday life; otherwise it is academic exercise that sometimes turns out excessive just for its own sake.
And here‘s its contadiction. The word “design” was first used during the industrial revolution to refer to those mass products created at low costs in exchange for high artisan costs.
In an era far away from the industrial revolution, I feel the need to give a different meaning to artisan work and to make my accessories contemporary by using all the benefits of craftsmanship, yet supporting production costs through a very strong identity design
In the way I see design, each shape has a meaning.
I like to imagine how you can wear a new bag in a comfortable and ergonomic way without being too predictable.
Studying the bag as an object that dresses is my focus. I usually try to visualize how it blends in with our clothes almost disappearing.

Form and function must always coincide: the gestures that our body makes to wear and use our bags are an integral part of my planning. The beauty of good design, in my personal opinion, lies in the harmony between the object and its use. The hand that closes or opens the bag, the shoulder that supports the strap, the back that wears the backpack, everything is designed to communicateharmony between the bag and the body.
I get many hints directly from the customers, and looking at the way they wear my bags after buying them is my motivation to transform their instinctive needs into a product that responds well to a new more natural way of using them.

I enhance the material I choose, the leather, but the shape is what tells the style of the bag, without frills. It will all be presented with some special care for a final surprise effect.
Versatility is a fundamental element, the possibility of changing shape, size, wearability is for me a basic principle of any project.
The bag is an object of our daily life that accompanies us during our life. As containers of things and worlds to be revealed and hidden, our bags mean many things.


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