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The SpazioiF family

By June 22, 2022No Comments

It would be commonplace to say that SPAZIOiF is a family business, because our concept of family is expanding.

Since the very first steps of my work I have always had my sister Carla by my side and my other sister Giorgia and my mother standing behind.

In fact the most important steps of SPAZIOiF are the result of my husband Daniele’s work, of his curiosity and ability to bring SPAZIOiF to the present and to the future.

But the truth is that with “family” I mean much more than family ties. All the beautiful people I have met in my work have become family. We share places, space and time, projects and fantasies, real or unreal follies.

All the people who have cared about SPAZIOiF’s work, both internally and externally, are family to me.

I like to think that SPAZIOiF is common good, where every success is shared, just like every disappointment is.

In turn, I try to take care of those who care about us, because I believe in the idea of community, in the work that gives all-round well-being. A shared vision of which I am just a clumsy conductor of an orchestra among a thousand different instruments.

SPAZIOiF has always been “us”, a group of people who contribute to the growth and vision of this small brand loved by those who know how to love.

Alone I would feel incomplete and I could not have done anything of what you see today.

We is a fact and when people ask me “do you make these bags?” I would like to say that this is not the most important thing, but I find myself answering something simple. I say that I design them and have them made by local workshops, but I would like to explain that behind each single bag there are at least 10 people who make a different work on that product and each hand that has touched it creates a trace that follows a common path, which is the vision of SPAZIOiF.

The SPAZIOiF family is large and diverse. There are the ones who produce our bags, the ones who sew our packaging, the ones who print the label by hand, the ones who deal with our image on social media, the ones who have always dealt with our photographic story, the ones who think about how to make our work known by the people who are suitable for it, the ones who are in charge of cuddling our customers, the ones who simplify all the processes on our site, the ones who renew and update our online shop, the ones who deal with the figures and try to make them square! There are the ones who study every day what we can improve and the ones who look out for everything so that nothing of the precious work we do is lost. Then there is me, looking at and going alongside the many pieces of this only partial list of things we do for SPAZIOiF.

We are all pieces in a more complex machine than “do you make these bags?”. And I like to think that all the people who work with and for us feel part of this idea which is SPAZIOiF.

I don’t really make bags, in reality we together create a world that tells a thousand things contained in a shape of large, comfortable and useful leather that you wear every day for your style and well-being.

Thanks to Daniele, who married me and SPAZIOiF, Carla, who helps me in three different languages, thanks to Maurizio’s expert hands together with Alba and Ferdinando, at times, thanks to Giorgia for her pies, to Giuseppe and his observing eyes, to my niece Sara and her meticulous efforts, and to my cousin Alessandra, who deciphers my texts, thanks to Francesco for his strength, to Marta for her patience, to Noemi, who smiles for every new idea, to Fabio for his enlightening interventions when everything is a mess, to Serena, our all-rounder model, to Luca for his kindness, to Manuela and Cristina, who help us balance the books, to Roberta and Marianna for their advice and thoughts, and thanks to Marco and Gabri, close friends who we are bound to talk about work with, and thousands of more hands, ears, eyes which make up the SPAZIOiF world, with its many pieces.


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