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Thinking about you walking

By June 17, 2021No Comments

Feet are our body support which allows us to walk, jump, dance, and also seduce.
Our firm or uncertain moves, fast or slow pace and straight or zigzagging steps tell something about us; and it is our way of walking in the world that makes us who we are.
I don’t know any women who don’t like shoes, whether they are tall or short. Each of us chooses what to wear, but no one is immune to the charm of this functional accessory.
Stylistically speaking, shoes say who you are more than a piece of clothing does: shoes are to a person what a comma is to a sentence which could be misinterpreted without it.
For this reason I could not help it: I have designed a line of SPAZIOiF sandals that captured the aesthetic philosophy of our path and I started from there!

I have thought of hand-crafted sandals with such characteristics to make them resistant, as the visible stitching between the sole and the upper shoe, to make them comfortable thanks to the materials used and to some small adaptions such as the internal cushion under the insole; yet, they are also innovative in the shape, with my usual playing with shapes which bring out our feet in a different way.

The first line I have designed is “Viceversa“: here the play with different shapes is enhanced by two different materials, which we cut in two opposite ways, right and left; “equal but opposite” is the phrase with which we accompany this micro collection, just to emphasize this feature.

For the new “Sottopelle” line I have looked for a new three-dimensional effect. The elements inside the shoes making up the Sottopelle silhouettes are all unlike, thus creating a natural harmonious, but always slightly different effect.
I find diversity in the form an important feature. The idea that in a world that produces all the same things we have the possibility of using small differences to make our product “the one and only” makes our sandals unique in the true sense of the word.

Sottopelle is a game of intrusions that create a decorative element. As always, I have been inspired by nature, the regular and irregular elevations of Sottopelle remind us of shells, of an armor, of a precious shelter where to blend in and a protective cover at the same time.
The first model I have designed is “l’infradito”, flip-flop, and it’s my favorite. I like how the band enhances the bare foot and how the round shape suits perfectly leaving the foot loose. The second one I have designed is “l’incrocio”, a revisited standard sandal. The other two have a special shape imagined for those who want a little more! The semi-closed shoe is a game of silhouettes, even for those who do not like to show their feet too much, it covers your heel and only leaves your toes uncovered and is also perfect in spring, it is a non-sandal sandal. Finally, “il tribale” is my other passion, I have thought of the decorative bracelets that some African native people wear on their ankles, I wanted a sandal that had a bracelet that did not tighten your ankle, but softly accompanies your leg and is worn wide.

I have designed the SPAZIOiF sandals, thinking about comfort and style. Thinking about you walking, step by step, whichever direction you are taking.


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