Segmenta backpack


  • Geometric lines
  • Practical and capacious
  • Made to measure
  • It turns into a bag
  • Internal anti-theft openings

Dimensions: L 50 cm x H 56 cm

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  • Leather: hammered,
  • Not lined
  • Zip closure
  • Pockets with zip
  • Integrated braces


Creating the trace on the sheet to shape the fold is an origami technique. Segment is the action we take in breaking down the sheet to create a trace that shapes the shape.

Segmenta backpack hugs your body, so we ask our customers what size their jacket is so that the bag suits everyone well On some occasions I like to fold it in half to wear it as a bag and this makes it very versatile. It opens only from the inside, it’s theft proof!

It has two pockets with external zippers to put objects to be taken quickly and its vertical opening allows a more comfortable use of the backpack.


Our products are handmade and require the time of work done with passion. We make the bag for you, so it takes 3 to 7 days to send it to you. The shipping times will be indicated to you following the order confirmation.


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